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Revit – Sheets (Complete tutorial for beginners)

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In this tutorial we will learn to make a sheet for printing a drawing of your project. We will learn how to use the titleblocks and set scales for the drawings.

00:00 Intro (insert a template)
02:07 Attach a drawing (method 1)
04:51 Attach a drawing (method 2)
06:45 Edit titleblock

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The video shows the version 2020 of RevitĀ® and it is used exclusively for educational purposes.
Autodesk screen shots reprinted courtesy of Autodesk, Inc.
The narration and all the illustrations were created by CAD in Black.

Sheets Now we are going to learn about sheets in revit a sheet as you probably expect is a view for printing the drawings of a project sheets can be found in the project browser and if there isn’t any one yet we have to right click and create a new sheet

Then in the window that opens we can choose one of these title blocks here you can see there are two models for two different sizes of paper a3 and a1 or we could just choose a blank sheet without any title block this one called known i’m going to open the standard a1 sheet

And this is how it appears now apart from these options we can load the data block from the family libraries here in load then where you have all the categories there is a folder named title blocks and then you can see these ones to use in different paper sizes

Ah and there is also preview when we click in each title block anyway let’s go back to analyze the sample for an a1 paper this sample as you can notice in the logo here is provided by autodesk and probably you want to create a personalized one with your company brand for example

But okay we will see how to do this after now we are just going to look at the parameters that we can edit first we can rename the sheet title in the project browser this window shows up and i can change either the number and the name and look that they update automatically

In the title block then we can edit the other parameters by clicking in each of them and put the name that we desire now we are going to learn how to attach views to the sheet as the title is floor plans it’s logical to add a floor plan

Here of course and you will notice that it’s pretty basic just click and hold one of the floor plans and drag it inside the title block so you can see it’s very simple now each view is composed by a title in this case zero ground floor and view number one

Then where i have the drawing is the viewport basically it’s a window that shows everything that i have visible in that particular view but now notice how the floor plan only fills one part of the viewport the reason for that is because i have these elevation elements over there and the

Size of the viewport varies according with the area occupied by the drawing therefore i’m going to switch to the ground floor plan and hide in view this category of elements now look when i return to the sheet the drawing stayed in the same position but this time the viewport is smaller

Now it’s adjusted just to the floor plan as the elevations are now hidden how can i edit the position of the viewport and the title this is a bit tricky by selecting the title i can drag it to wherever i want but if i want to shorten or stretch the

Line i need to select the viewport instead and now i can easily change the size of the line by moving these grips another important feature in every project drawing is the scale and you can see that for this view is one per 100 it’s just a scale that you adjust in the

Bottom of the screen in the view of the floor plan although if i need a different scale it’s easy to change select the viewport and in the properties the viewscale is the first parameter change it to 1.50 and you can see all the dimensions change to double size

Also notice that the scale in the title of the drawing as well as in the title block update automatically and you don’t need to worry about that finally i only need to place the viewport according with the position of the line now in a sheet we can add more than one drawing

Remember that this sheet is called floor plans and the reason is because i want to put both drawings of the ground floor and the first floor so now i need the first floor and this time i will show you a different way to insert a view into a sheet go to the

View tab and on the panel sheet composition i’m going to click on view and then you can see all these lists with all the views i’m going to choose the floor plan first floor this time you can see that the scale of this drawing is smaller one per 100 and

Also the indication of the scale in the title block tells us to look at each drawing as they are with different scales i’m going to change the scale of the first floor to one per 50 like i did previously with the ground floor and then you can notice that after changing

The scale these elevation elements are visible again so i’m going to edit the view and i can do it by double click inside the viewport as with this i can have access to the view basically i can work like i was in the floor plan view i can insert delete or move elements

Anyway i’m going to hide the sections from the view and the viewport is resized again to fit the visible area and i just need to move the viewport a bit down to be in line with the ground floor and the title with the line i can snap with the one of the ground

Floor in this way they look better now in the last part of this tutorial we will learn roughly how to modify one of these sheets that come by default with revit it’s easy now you can double click in the title block and you realize that a new window opens

It’s actually the family file for this specific title block and there we can modify anything that we need in this family in this case this title block for example could change the position of lines erase them create new ones etc as an example let’s get rid of the

Symbol of autodesk and replace with a different one i’m going to select it and press delete next i’m going to insert an image from my computer and let’s choose the logo of cutting black this one okay the image is now here and then i’m going to resize the image

With the grips that i have here then i need a text next to the image in the tab create in the ribbon i’m going to type cad in black click on an empty space then i click on modify to exit a command and i’m going to move the text to fit

With the symbol when the title block is ready i have to save it go to file and save it as a family then choose a name for it and now we can use the title block when we need going back to our file again

And now if i want to create a new sheet with this template just repeat the process that i showed you before just do the normal process and load the family with the logo of cutting block it’s this one okay that’s all for now thank you very much for watching and don’t forget to

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