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Revit Architecture – Adding and Removing Curtain Grids and Mullions

Autodesk BIM Curriculum | Unit 1 – Lesson 3 – Tutorial 2 |

Adding new gridlines to existing curtain walls can be done in multiple ways some curtain walls come with existing gridlines while others do not to add gridlines we can select a wall and then open the curtain grid tool you in order to place gridlines we are given three options all segments one segment

And all except picked let us start by using the all segments tool which will create a grid line across the whole panel by hovering over the horizontal edge of a panel we can place vertical gridlines Revit will automatically snap two key points for example center lines

Once a panel is split we can snap to the center line of the new panel by hovering over the vertical edge of the panel we can create horizontal gridlines once again we are able to snap to the centerline of the panel or divide the panel into thirds you

Next let’s use the one segment tool this tool will allow us to create a grid line across a single segment instead of across the whole wall once again by hovering over horizontal edges we can place vertical gridlines and by hovering over vertical edges we can create horizontal gridlines you

Now let’s use the all except picked tool this tool starts by placing a line across the whole wall but then we can select two segments that we wish to exclude once we have chosen the segments to exclude the new segments will be created existing curtain gridlines are easily modified

First let’s select the grid line that we wish to modify next open the add/remove a segments tool using this tool we can select the segments that we wish to remove turning the solver line into a dashed line multiple segments can be removed at once we can use the same process to add gridlines

First click on the grid line that we want to be modified open the add/remove segment tool and select segments that we want to add turning the dashed line into a solid line after curtain gridlines have been created it is easy to place mo Lian’s

To do so we can open the mo Lian’s tool located under the Home tab once again we are given multiple options to place mullions grid line grid line segment and all grid lines start by opening the grid line tool we can now simply select the grid lines in

Order to place the mo Lian’s notice that the mo Lian’s are placed along the whole grid line the gridlines being used can be changed by selecting a new type the all gridlines tool can be used to place mo Lian’s over the whole system you when dealing with a curtain grid system

That is not defined by its type to have a pattern such as this one it is easy to make modifications let’s select a Moline we can now change the location of the segment by changing its temporary dimension modifying gridlines is more difficult when dealing with curtain walls that

Have a defined curtain grid pattern this curtain wall is currently defined by its type property to have a fixed number of vertical and horizontal gridlines you if we try to select emollient we will notice that the element has been locked in place to unpin an element we can click the pin icon

Now that the element has been unpinned we can make alterations to the curtain wall in order to make major changes multiple elements can be selected at one time holding the control key while selecting mullions allows us to create one large selection this selection can now be unpinned simultaneously using the unpin tool

Once the mo Lian’s are unpaid they can also be deleted simultaneously with the moline’s gone we can now at the gridlines once again by holding the control key we can select multiple gridlines and unpin them simultaneously now we can use the add/remove segment tool to remove green line segments you


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