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Install failed error When Installing Revit & Revit LT 2021 and Above | Vigram Vasi

Hi guys, In this video, I am going to show you how to fix Install Failed Please exit and restart the install while installing Revit 2021, Revit 2022 and the above version.

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Hello guys this is vikram since lot of you guys been asking me how to fix install failed error when installing the big products today in this video i’m going to share some important things which will help you to fix it having said that let’s get started First reason would be corrupted revit installer navigate to the following folder open the file dda.login notepad if you see at the end of the file the following error exit code 15 then it means the installer is corrupted even though you don’t get this error i would highly recommend you to download

The installer using autodesk ever i have made a video on how to download any product any version using autodesk eva to avoid any installation error the second reason would be conflicting version of generative design for rebit open control panel uninstall generative design folder of it from the control panel

Then run the microsoft installation troubleshooter link is down below select uninstall remove any entries related to revit content 2021 or 2022 or any versions repeat the steps if there are several entries after that watch this video on how to clean and install and remove files of previous installs of autodesk products

After you clean your system go to settings and check for the windows update and install all the available windows 10 latest build after you install the update please do restart your machine before you go ahead and install again make sure that you have more than 30 gb

Of free space in your c drive and then attempt again to install rp2021 i hope you managed to fix this error if you manage to fix this error make sure you like and subscribe until our next video stay safe stay healthy peace You


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