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How To Install AutoCAD 2023 Mac – On M1 Apple Silicon Mac

Download AutoCAD 2023 for Mac:

This is a quick video about how to install AutoCAD 2023 for the M1 Mac. This uses the Rosetta 2 translation layer in order to work and seems to install and open up files fine on the M1 Apple Silicon Mac.

M1 Mac compatibility thread:

AutoCAD Mac vs Windows:

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Hey everyone this is andrew time welcome to my youtube channel today i’m going to show you how to install autocad for mac on the m1 apple silicon mac so i’m recording this on my macbook pro 16 inch with the m1 max chip and today i’m going

To show you basically how to go ahead and install the software and get it working on your m1 mic so if you haven’t subscribed already then please consider subscribing it just takes a moment to do and you’ll be able to keep up to date with the latest mac tutorials so i want

To do is to go to the autodesk website and go to the free trial so i’m going to actually download this and install this on my m1 mac and click download the free trial section here and leave a link to this in the description so what you need

To do is to log into a free account so if you haven’t created an account already or you have an existing autodesk account then should log into it now however since i’m not a customer i want to start a trial i’m just going to fill out the forms here

And then press next and then fill out our address details so now that we’ve completed that form we’re going to go ahead and press the download button here and this is downloading a 1.1 gigabyte file so just let that download and complete so once the download is

Complete we’re going to go to finder and then we’re going to go to our downloads folder in finder i’m going to find our dmg file which is right here i’m going to double click on it and then we have this installer file here so we have this window that’s just

Popped up and we need to do is to double click on install autodesk for autocad so it’s saying here that autocad is an app downloaded from the internet we’re going to press open anyway here we’ll press ok here we’re going to press ok to give it permission and that started going through the

Installation process so that’s going to ask you to type in your password so i’m going to type in my password here and press ok and now it’s going to go ahead and prepare the installer for us here it’s asking us to agree to the terms and conditions i’m going to press

Agree and press next and then we’re going to install it on the internal hard drive so i’m going to press install here and i’m just going to allow autocad 2023 to install for mac so once this is complete we can go ahead and press the start button here

And this is going to verify here and now you can see that autocad 2023 is starting to open i’m going to minimize this close this and we can inject the install as well by control clicking and clicking eject installer and wait for this to open up

For the first time here it’s asking us to get permission to access the documents folder press ok so now autocad has started we can sign in with our autodesk id or we can enter a serial number or use a network license here i’m going to sign in with my

Autodesk id here i’m going to sign in so here’s just saying we can start our trial i’m going to close this window now i want to go into the actual software itself here we’re going to press ok on privacy settings and then here we are inside autocad for mac 2023

We’re not going to play any of these tutorials i’m going to press cancel here and now i’m going to go ahead and open up one of these template files so here autocad has opened up so if we look at the type of software this is this is an intel type so this

Means that it’s using the rosetta to translation layer in order to work on the m1 episodic and mac and as far as i can tell i’m not really an autocad user this seems to be a fully functional piece of software so here we get the 3d

View working so this seems to be working as normal if anyone’s got experience with using the mac version of this then please let me know in the comments if this is working well on the m1 apple silicon mac also some people might want to be aware that there are differences

Between the windows and mac versions of autocad for example here there’s a little table which talks about different kind of fonts and workspace and dynamic blocks etc and there’s different levels of functionality here you should double check this before you commit to using autocad on the m1 mac anyway i hope you

Found this video useful if you did please like please subscribe and i’ll see you in the next video


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