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How to Download and Install AutoCAD 2023 FREE

Hello our amazing students! In this video, Mr. Cargill explains how to download AutoCAD free student version. @mr.cargill

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Good day everyone mr cargill here with our next autocad video now for this video i’m going to show you how to download autocad 2023 free student version okay so let’s get straight into it So the first thing you’re going to need to do is to go to autodesk because autocad is an autodesk software so in a google tab you’re just going to type autodesk so just type autodesk um and click on autodesk or just type autodesk enter and then the

First um link that comes up will lead you right here to the autodesk website now once you get to the autodesk website it’s going to ask you to sign in if you already have an autodesk account all you’re going to need to do is to sign in

If you do not have an autodesk account then you are going to need to create one so when you click the sign in over here it’s going to ask you to either type in your email address and then next i’m going to click next it’s going to ask you for a

Password if you don’t have an account just click create account and once you click create account it’s going to take you to a next tab like this right here where it’s going to ask you to create your account so you’re going to have to put your first name last name

Email then confirmed email add a password click agree to the terms and service you can read through that if you want to and then click create account all right so i’m going to quickly type in this information click create account and then let you see what happens after that

Okay so once you have created your account you will see this screen right here where it will ask you to check that box if you want to receive like emails and so on i normally don’t check those boxes unless i really want to receive emails and updates and stuff like that so you

Can decide and then you click done okay so once you click done you’re going to see this screen right here so when you see this screen all you need to do is to just go back to the autodesk website and this time again you’re going to click sign in

And you’re going to sign in with the email address and the password for the account that you just created so i’m going to go ahead and do that right now okay so i just entered the email address and password for the account that i just created and now i’m signed in to

The autodesk website you can see right over here that it doesn’t say sign in um right there so it means that i’m signed into autodesk now once you have signed in what you want to do is to search for student software you can just type student and then what you’ll see here is

Autocad student license so just click on autocad student license all right and then once that comes up now over here you’re going to see an option that says get started so click get started all right and even though you are signed in once you click get started sometimes

It’s going to ask you to sign in again so just sign in with the email address and password for your account all right so once you do that it’s going to say that you’re going to need um an email verification so they’re going to send a verification email

To you and once you get that verification email all you need to do is to just click on the link in the email to verify that you indeed own that email address all right so i’m going to quickly do that and then it will verify me okay so this is the

Verification email that i got from autodesk so i’m just going to click verify email okay so i copied the link paste it in my browser because when i click on the verify email link in my email it wasn’t working so i copied the link and pasted it in um

In a new google tab so now it says that it gives me access to all art outside espresso products sorry so then i’ll click done all right so once that is done and you edible back to autodesk it is going to ask you for these few

Questions here it’s going to ask you to set up your education profile because you have to be like a teacher student to get the student version so let’s sign up so it’s going to ask you for the name of the your institution so you’re going to input that information now it says

Your account is now update updated to access the outer disk education community okay so once i’m done with all of that it will redirect me to the autodesk screen here so it says we still need to confirm your eligibility for educational access so i’m going to click get started

Once you click get started it is going to bring up all your information that you would have typed in so then you just click confirm all right and then once you do all of that it’s going to say whether or not you’re confirmed so let’s go so i’m going to click get autodesk

Software so here it says that your educational access to autodesk products is valid through august 26 2023 so let’s go so here no i can download any autodesk software would i want to download maya whether i want to download autocad or rivet or any other autodesk software so

I’m going to click download here on the autocad sorry not download i’m going to click get product so then it’s going to ask me if i want to download autocad 2023 for windows so i’m going to click yes if you want to download a different version of autocad map version is over

Here if you’re if you’re using um a mac so if you’re using a macbook if you’re using windows it’s over here you can choose which which um version you want to download if you’re more comfortable using 2022 or 2021 or 2020 you can download any one of those versions i’m

Going to download 2023 so just click install and click accept and once you do that your download will start so here you can see my download has started this is the setup file so the setup is easy once you open the setup file it’s going to walk you

Through it’s just going to tell you what to do so i’m going to open that and show you you’re not going to be able to see this part but it’s asking me do i want this to make changes to my computer yes i do okay so now you can see that the

Autodesk install is preparing for installation so let you see what happens once it is done preparing for installation okay so once that little preparing to install tab our window is gone then what you’re going to see is this little window right here that says preparing and from here autocad is just

Going to run and prepare and install okay so once they prepare to install window is done and closed then this window will open where it says autocad and preparing so here’s just preparing for the installation okay so the next thing you’re going to see is it’s going to ask

You to choose where you want this application to be installed so i’m going to have it installed in program files autodesk with all my other autodesk applications and then click install once you select where you want your application to be installed so now it’s just going to install

So i’m just going to let it run its course and install and when it’s installed i’m going to show i’m going to open the software and they’ll show you that it was actually installed and that it is working okay so now the installation process is almost finished and i’m being prompted

To restart my computer to finish the installation process so i’m going to go ahead and restart my computer okay so i just restarted my computer and as you can see right here there was a shortcut created for autocad 2023 it’s fully installed so now i’m going to go ahead and open the software

Just to show that it works okay so when i opened autocad what i’m seeing here is this window and in this window it is saying that it is asking me if i want to migrate my custom settings from previous versions of autocad so because i’ve had previous

Versions of autocad it’s asking if i want to migrate those same settings to my new autocad 2023 so i’m going to click this right here okay so right there it’s showing you that the profiles have migrated successfully and now i should be able to open autocad

Okay so here it is coming up now okay so here we are autocad came up and it gave me three options to sign in it asked me to enter a serial number if i have one and a network license if i have one and it also gave me the option to sign in

With my autodesk id now of course because we got the free student version we’re only going to have our autodesk id so select that option and then you’re going to sign in with your autodesk email address and password okay so once you sign in you’ll see that message that says welcome to your

Autodesk account and then you will be able to open a new drawing over here and you can now select new drawings and stuff like that so that is how you would go about downloading and installing autocad 2023 the free student version from the autodesk website okay so thank you all for watching

And have yourselves a fantastic day


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