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How to Cut Holes in Window Frames of an Underwater Room

The underwater room construction process involves cutting holes into the steel walls for the windows. As the walls are made of steel to withstand the water pressure below the surface, cutting holes for windows is a meticulous process. To mark the circle of the window, a jig is used, similar to the process used to cut other steel sections such as caps for spars. An oxygen-acetylene torch is then employed to make the cut by heating the metal until it becomes liquid, and the pressure from the torch blows the molten metal out of the gap, resulting in the cut. In order to safely support the weight of the heavy steel cutout, a little hole is cut at the top, and a chain is fed through. Each room typically has numerous windows, so this procedure requires a lot of time and gas. After each cut, the edges are smoothed using angle grinders, making it ready to receive the underwater window frames.

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