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FreeCAD News: WIP Wednesday, April 26th, 2023

Over the course of the past week, the FreeCAD team has been working on merging translation fixes and improving the Navigation Cube’s visuals. In the upcoming week, the team has divided tasks among themselves. One team member is busy resolving issues related to NativeIFC and attacking Draft per-view working planes, while another is working on Sketcher’s Python-API’s doc-strings. One member is investigating a complaint about spreadsheet fields not working and preparing for the v0.21 release, with another member handling triage and packaging. Lastly, one member is investigating requirements for a unified user property feature and working on general tangency, while another member is obtaining an Apple signing key for FreeCAD. In terms of stats, the team merged 55 pull requests with a total codebase change of +19,551/-10,610 lines from April 18-25, with an average merged PR size of +355/-192.

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