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FreeCAD News: WIP Wednesday, April 19th, 2023

During the past week, several minor translation fixes were merged and new layouts were implemented for several Preferences pages. Furthermore, a five-year-old “massive” memory leak report in Draft was finally resolved.

This upcoming week, @realthunder is working on resolving a bug in StringHasher that was discovered during the Toponaming integration work. @bernd is exploring the IFC format and NURBS, while @chennes is working on resolving bugs reported in the FreeCAD-translations GitHub repository.

In terms of pull request stats, from Tuesday, April 11 to Tuesday, April 18, 45 pull requests were merged, resulting in a total codebase change of +3,760 / -2,142 lines (excluding translation changes). The average merged pull request size was +84 / -48, which is a double-digit average.

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