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Curacao’s Submarine Adventure with U Boat Worx

U-Boat Worx is a Dutch company that designs and manufactures submarines for recreational and tourism purposes. Founded in 2005 by Bert Houtman, the company aimed to innovate on submarines that had previously been used mostly for research and military purposes. Its futuristic-designed models opened up new opportunities for consumers and vacationers to experience life below the sea.

To provide a fully operational substation for its customers, U-Boat Worx invested in a facility located on the waters of Curacao. Visitors to the substation can enjoy touring the facility, receiving safety and education briefings, and taking a ride in one of the submarines.

The company has also partnered with Ocean Builders to create a floating eco-smart home called a Pod, which combines UBW’s submarines with OB’s SeaPod. This collaboration offers consumers a glimpse into the future of living that is real and available today.

The UBW team on-site in Curacao, led by General Manager of Charter Operations & Sub Centers Barbara van Bebber, is impressive and welcoming. Head of International Business Connor visited the substation and reported that taking a ride in the submarines was one of the coolest experiences he ever had.

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