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Complete REVIT 2023 Download, Installation and Activation | Autodesk REVIT 2023 license for students

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Dear civil engineers welcome back to school of civil engineering in this lecture we are going to show that how you can download autodesk revit 2023 software freely and uh this is instrument version okay so you can download that uh without any problem and you will get a license

For it explain absolutely for free and this is legal okay so uh to download that software first of all you have to go website a u t o d e s k autodex dot com okay so after coming here uh you need to sign in now the question is

How we can sign in okay uh you need a account i mean a verified student account you need a verified student account here so how can verify that how can submit your document to them and how can uh active your student account or verify your student account within 10 minutes i

Have created a video on it so this link are given in description please go to our video description and you will find a link for creating account on it so after creating account just sign in here okay because without verifying your student account you are not able to do

That so i am just going to sign in and here i’m giving my password okay and this is a verified student account so i’m again requesting you please go to our uh video description and you will find that how you can create account after that go to product click here for product

Okay so uh you can see they have many product after that go to support uh and here educational support and if you just go here learn and they have many option actually okay and here community right see if i go here for product and uh if i just go here

For educational access actually uh autotext every year they change their i mean interface so you will get that option in different place like if you go down here then you may also found that option for i mean the uh here students educator you can go for in that option so i’m just

Going here educational access so after that when you here okay when you’re here for educational access so access to autodesk software just click here or you can find out ah a option like that here so i’m just or you can also here get products confirm your eligibility unlock your

Access also you can click here get product so i’m just clicking here to get products and after that i’ll go for our next step now you can see the software listed here you are able to download and use that absolutely free without any problem okay and this is hundred percent legal and safe

As autodesk providing that software for student so in this lecture as we are going to show you that how we can download our revit software okay so uh for rivet software for revit software uh i’ll just click here get started here i’ll click here get started if i click here get a

Started i need to resign in so i’ll just sign in i’ll provide here password and uh it will give us a access download that software just see you’ll also see interface like that you are confirmed okay congrats uh we have confirmed that you are eligible for educational access okay get that

Software so now click here get product now you can see uh which version you actually need two thousand twenty two thousand twenty one twenty two twenty so i’ll click here 23 and select a language from here in which language you need to download that software so i’ll use i’ll

To download i’ll download that for windows now if you click here you will uh download a simple software okay but i will request your i’ll recommend you to click on that arrow button and you will get two option install and download so we’ll download our whole package from here okay we’ll download

Our whole package from here because uh if you use that of your install then you may face many problem to download or to install that software so i’m just going to uh download the software i’ll simply click here download and when i will click on download just see there’s many uh file

One two three four five okay total five folder if i click here show wall now how you can confirm that how much file you are going to download just see uh here the first file are two or five here two or five then one of five then four or five

That means you have to download total five folder okay not sorry total five file you have to download total five file that’s it so uh simply you have to confirm that okay so i’m going to download here one here ah two three four and five right so after uh when uh your download

Will be completed then we have to go for installation so after completing our download i’ll show you how we can go for installation so we have downloaded all of our uh i mean all of the part of our review 2023 so if you see here here 105 five 205

Or five and five or five so we need to download total five file and already i have done that okay so if you face any problem to download all of that file or if you see any uh block condition then please uh to solve that or to uh download all of

The part perfectly you can watch our video given in description so when it’s done now just simply double click any of that file okay so uh suppose i’ll double click here and after that where you want to extract that file okay where are your texture i’ll just click ok

And it will start extracting and uh it will take some time to extract and after uh completing its extraction will be able to install that software okay it’s actually it will start uh automatically it will start installing and uh again i’m telling you if you need to create a student account or anything

About autotext company okay you can go description for different different video link and also if you want to support us or also if you like our video then please join as a member in our channel to show your support that link are also given in description so our

Extracting process have been started and it will take some time okay we’ll skip that time uh so that we can uh show you the perfect things after skipping okay so uh wait for some time and we’ll go for our final installation so uh after completing our instruction okay sorry extraction uh it’s going

Uh for preparing okay for our initialization so after completing that process our autotex revert software will start installing after that click yes and just come here okay so and here i agree the next okay and also you can select uh the language above that tab and here everything is okay okay now

When everything is okay you can change that option choose where to install if you need to install that product in another folder then also you can do that okay so what i can what i’ll do i’ll just click here install and it’s starting stylization process and after completing our that process

Okay we’ll go for our activation process so stay with us till that time so already 62 percent have been completed when uh it will complete it i mean it will complete 100 then we’ll go for uh an extra next step so it’s uh almost done okay so you can see that our ribbit

Installation process have been completed now we’ll go for our next text here i’m sorry so i’ll click here to start and wait for some time and must remember your net connection should be available when you’ll go for work okay otherwise uh it will face some problem for activation so just see

Also adv 2023 are giving us a very good look really it’s showing a very good look you can see here now uh we’ll go for our activation process when we are here we’ll click here for active and just see they have three option internal license numbers so you

Have no license number use a network license and also we have no network license so we’ll go here sign in with your autodesk id so only this option are available for us i mean who are using student version so for them this uh option are available okay so i’ll just click here

And i’ll go for student version and i’ll click here to sign in okay i’ll click here to sign it so first of all you have to give here your auto auto text student id and after that you have to provide here so i’ll give here actually with email or which id is that

This is your auto auto next student account id and password okay so you have to submit your student account id and password here to active your software and it should be must it should be verified by auto autodesk and also i have shown um on our another video that how you can

Create a student account and how we can active that okay so i’ll click next and after that i have to i mean i have to provide password here so i’m just writing password so it’s done i’ve provided my password here and i’ll go for sign in so when i’ll go for sign in

Okay that’s really great and also my uh signing person have been completed that means my autocad license are okay now and now i’m ready to use my software so wait wait for some time to open that software and i’m really impressed with the new looks of autodex review interface have been appeared here

And wait for some time to clear that okay so as a as we are using that for first time so it will take some time to set up its initial setting and after completing the process it will go for the final task and again i’m just telling you please watch our video

From uh starting and uh i hope you’ll be able to download install and use that software without any problem so thank you thank you very much estelle esther connected next video and if you think that that was helpful for you then please subscribe to our channel and also

Uh join as a member to support us your support will be very very helpful for us because uh if you support us then we’ll be able to work further okay and we’ll be able to help you again so uh if you just come here see a new loop uh here

So just simply click new and you can use any of the templates so i’m just uh using empirical imperial or metric see it’s dependent so if i use that structural template and then project okay everything is okay then simply click ok and just see the new look of that

It’s really really uh impressive okay so just wait for some time and it will come here because for first time it will take some time just see here your software and now you’re ready to work with that if you go for wall structural wall okay and everything is okay just simply go go

And create your all without any problem okay then here and if you just go here for three or anything then also okay i’m just skipping i’m just speaking now from here you can uh watch that okay if you just click here east side so here the uh inside east

Side view so if you go for 3d view in here it’s actually the three reviews not available for now um just if you go here for our level so it’s fine it’s totally fine now uh you know how to use that software so thank you thank you very much for resting with us

So again if you want to support us please join as a member


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