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BIM 360 Linking Models | How to Link Your Revit Model from BIM 360 Tutorial

In this video, we’ll guide you on how BIM 360 Linking Models work. By linking your Revit model to BIM 360, you’ll be able to streamline your workflow and work more efficiently. Whether you’re new to BIM 360 or looking to optimize your Revit workflows, this video is a must-watch!

By the end of this video, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how to link your Revit model from BIM 360, empowering you to work more effectively and efficiently. So whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, join us and take your Revit and BIM 360 skills to the next level!


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In this video I’m going to explain how linking in Bim 360 works before jumping into the linking and seeing all the functionality I would like to show you that some linking methods work with method components and it’s a either attachment which you can have nested components in the parent

Revit or you can do overlay links which all the nests will not be visible so you can just choose whether this method or the other method and this can be chosen after you insert a directory the manage links if we go to the insert and if we

Go Revit links and we can navigate to the director today Project we have 360 tutorials and from here I can go to the project files and from here I can go to the architecture and I would like to show you something I only see three projects here three Revit files but if I

Go to Bim 360 surprisingly I will see more files more Revit projects DWG as well but more Revit projects so this means that some of those files are not visible through the linking and you might be like why why they are not available Seeing only three of them in reality I can only access to the four of them because they are work shared Cloud models very important if you don’t have the models in the workshare cloud model then they’re like normal Revit files uploaded directly Central files that are uploaded directly by just clicking upload or

Revit LT there will not be available to be linked directly from link area so this will be a limitation but once you link a file you come to to do it you come to the insert you’ll navigate to your Revit links again one more time

I’m going to pull it here and this time I’m going to just link one of the actual I can link the structural model here maybe it’s already Linked In this project this is the test project so it might be already linked before and I will be showing you also how to find the

After file if it’s already linked I think I would be able to also show you um how to get the overlay so and the attachment from here so you can just go to navigate to manage links from the manage Tab and then you can just choose overlay or attachment

And if you do this obviously you will be able to Nest it if you do overlay you will not be able to Nest it and I can just show you the diagram again here showing that it allows let’s set components to be linked in the link models and there does not allow

Depending on your workflow but very important if you’re having a work shared Cloud Central File which you will see when you navigate to them as work shared got model if they are not virtual Cloud models you will not be able to link them issue we are having with Bim 360. what

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