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Beginner Tutorial 1 (AutoCAD 2017) – Designing a Basic House

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Okay everyone welcome to this introduction to autocad tutorial where we’re going to learn some basic tools of autocad as well as design a house so it’s going to be pretty cool what i’d like you to do to get started is open up autocad 2016 on your computers

And once you do you should be greeted to a screen that looks something like mine i would like you to head over to start drawing click on that or double click on it and you’re going to be shown a screen that looks very familiar to revit or inventor there is a toolbar but

We’re not going to use this toolbar a whole lot because in autocad we use the hotkeys a lot and if you’re good using hotkeys then you get fast with this program and we also have the workspace over here you’ll notice that we don’t have a toolbar or properties over here because

Pretty much we use hotkeys okay so one of the basic hotkeys is the line tool if i hit the letter l and i press enter i can draw lines on my screen but these are very free form and very loose lines and if we’re trying to draw something

Like a building a loose line might not help us get those nice rigid walls so instead we’re going to make sure that we have ortho mode on and ortho mode is located right down here or you can press f8 and if you click on it and then type in

L for the line tool enter you’re going to notice that you can only draw in lines at 90 degree angles so that’s a bit more useful okay to delete things you also don’t delete them like in a standard program instead it’s click move click and that’s a left click

So let me show you i left click and i move and i left click again you don’t want to left click and hold because if you do that you’re going to get like this special selection tool that allows you to select very specific lines so it’s click left click move left click

And then press the delete key and those objects are now gone okay let’s head back to the line tool line enter and i’m going to draw in the bottom of my house so let’s go up 30 units and i’m moved up with my mouse and now i’m typing in 30.

Enter now i’m going to move my mouse to the right and type in 40 units let’s actually go 50 50 units enter and i’m going to go down let’s say 10 units enter over here 10 units enter all the way down 20 units enter and then i’m just going to go back to

That corner i’m going to look for that square and i’m going to click it there and then press escape twice and if you do that you should have the outer lines of your building but right now they’re not connected and if you know anything about extruding you cannot extrude out individual lines

So we actually have to combine all these lines together and to do that we’re going to turn them into what is known as a polyline what i’d like you to do is type in the words p edit and then press enter and click on any

One of these lines so i’m going to click on this one i’m going to press enter and now i need to specify that i would like to join all these lines together so click on that and then it’s just that left click move left click again

And enter and if you do it like that and press escape twice when you hover over one of your lines it should hover over the entire thing so if you did it correctly it should look just like that okay now if this is just the bottom of our house

Let’s make these the outside walls as well so this is our outer wall let’s kind of get that inner structure as well i’d like you to type in the word off off that’s going to take us to the offset tool enter and we’re going to specify a unit distance

And i’m just going to type in 2 enter and now i need to click on one of the lines so i’m going to click on this line and if you do that you’re going to notice that you can move up or down and you’re going to get that 2 unit offset

Now it’s important to note that autocad doesn’t work in any specific units it’s up to the user so everything is unitless and it’s just up to you to define what those units are so i’m going to click here that created my outer wall or my inner wall sorry and now

We’re going to rotate the screen just like we would inventor by holding down the shift key and rotating the screen so this is technically in 3d cool let’s extrude these out and i’m going to try to extrude them together and we’re going to see what happens extrude is just ext

Enter i’d like you to select this line and this line then press enter and we’re going to move our walls up and we’re going to be a pretty generous house here so we’re going to say 10 feet and we’ve just created those walls so if you ever want to see what this looks

Like in 3d mode switch it from a 2d wireframe to realistic and it’s going to show you this is what it currently looks like and it looks looks pretty interesting let’s switch it back for a second and we need to kind of cut out this middle section

So let’s use the subtract tool let’s type in sub for subtract enter and now you always want to select what you’re going to cut out of so i’m going to cut out of this bigger one so i’m going to click on that enter and then you got to click on the extrusion

That’s being cut out so it’s going to be the center one click on that press enter and if you did it correctly and i look i pressed escape twice and i look at my realistic you should have that cut inside so that’s looking pretty good awesome let’s head back to

2d wireframe and let’s draw in a building pad so building pad is just going to be the line tool again but instead of using line let’s use a polyline so i’m going to type in p line so our pl for p polyline click on that and we are just going to draw

That out so i’m going to click here and i’m kind of following my mouse what it’s doing i’m going all the way here but it’s like i can’t specify the wall and i kind of want it to align with that wall so if you wanted to you can hover over to that corner

And then kind of push down and if you do that you’re going to get like a help like a construction line if you can see that so that line’s helping me right now and if i click left click it’s formed the line and now i can move

Directly with my wall so i’m going to go over to this corner then i’m going to rotate and kind of go over to this corner and then last but not least head back to here so i’ve drawn that out it’s a polyline so if i hover over it it should

Highlight the whole thing and if i attempt to extrude it by pressing ext enter it should allow me to extrude it enter if i’d like i’m just going to extrude this out one unit so i typed in one enter it’s a very small building pad but it exists and that’s the important part

Let’s take a look oh yeah that’s nice okay well that’s the back of my house i actually planned this to be the front and at this the front of my house we need a few things we need a door and we need some windows so let’s go

Ahead and draw in the door first and to draw in a door i’m going to use a rectangle tool rec rectangle enter we need to specify a corner so if you notice i’m kind of hovering on the wall here and there’s like a little green tool there i’m going to click and i’m

Going to draw that door and we’re just going to kind of free draw this so there’s my door and we’re going to draw some windows so once again kind of let me press escape twice rectangle enter there we go and i’m going to draw in one window

Now if i try to draw into multiple windows all the windows are going to look a little bit off unless i want to go through dimensioning them so instead once we have a single window use the copy tool copy enter we’re going to click on this window enter

And then we’re going to click on its edge and that’s going to help us move the window across so let me show you click on the edge and now i’m moving the window and i click oh geez and i click whoa that’s all over the place let’s try that again

I think is because my camera was moving i’m going to type in copy enter click on this enter click on that and there you go so don’t move your camera while you’re doing this or else it’s going to


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