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Beginner Autodesk Revit Course – Beginner to Intermediate level

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What’s going on guys balkan arctic here and today i’m extremely excited to bring to you my first beginner of Revit course yes you guys have been asking me for such a long time to make a complete beginner course in Revit and it took me actually 8 months to complete the whole

Course it’s 16 hours long and it includes pretty much everything that you need to know to get good at rabbit and now this course is available on my website first a link in the description of this video you can find it there and there you can also find a lot of my

Other courses I’ve got beginner intermediate as well as advanced rabbit courses up on that website now this video is going to be a quick rundown of this beginner rabbit course and everything that’s included in this course and if you decide to get this course what will you be learning now the

Main idea behind this whole course is that you can get started working on your own projects in Revit and completely understand rabbit in the shortest possible time now I did say it was 16 hours long and that does not sound short I must admit but the whole idea behind

The course is that you don’t have to finish the whole course in order to get started working on your own projects and so the course is divided into three segments we have the first segment and that’s just to get you started so you will learn about the concept of them or

Building Information modelling you will also get to know all the rabbits design environments as well as rabbits interface and also navigation within the software now once we go through that initial phase then we’re moving on to projects and I think project-based learning is the best approach when

Trying to understand a complex piece of software like Revit and we have four projects now the first project is designed just to get you started so it’s only one and a half hours long you can get through it really quickly and once you finish that first project you can

Get started working on your own projects immediately so you will learn how to complete a basic simple project and right now the second project is taking everything a lot further now in the second project we are going to be learning all about how to produce all the necessary building documentation and

Getting all of the information out of your models so you will learn how to make all of those technical plans and how to complete a complex building now this project is a multi-story office building and it pretty much includes everything that you need to know how to complete the complex curtain wall that’s

Surrounding the whole building how to produce all the technical plans how to get the schedules how to make renderings pretty much everything that you need to know to complete in advanced complex project in Revit and then we have two more projects now the first project or the third project intro is dedicated to

The conceptual design or conceptual massing environment in Revit and this is actually what allows you to create those complex weird shapes and Revit that everybody loves but nobody knows how to create well this this project is dedicated to that and then finally we have the final project which is

Dedicated to the family editor now this is teaching you how to create all the families within Revit doors windows furniture all the elements that you want to use inside of your model you will learn how this family editor works so you can create those for yourself now

After this we have the third segment and that is dedicated towards all of Ravitz tool sets so this third segment is divided into 17 chapters and each chapter is dedicated to fully and completely exploring each of Ravitz and advanced complex tool sets so walls roofs stairs pretty much everything that

You have within Revit is divided into these seventeen chapters and each chapter tackles one of these problems now the idea behind this is unless you start working on the project and you complete perhaps one or two projects you can start working on your own Revit projects now once you come to a point

Where you maybe don’t know how to do something maybe in one of the first projects you don’t know how to create a roof that looks like a wave or something like that well then you just go to the third segment to all the chapter and you find a chapter that’s dedicated

To roofs and there we go you have a solution on how to create a wavy hurroo in rabbit so at any point once you start working on your own project you can go back to this third segment and there you can see how to use each individual tool

Set so again first segment just to get you started just to learn what rabbit is all about second segment is project-based learning you understand the whole workflow and how to approach your project and then finally third segment is each individual toolset and how to use each tool within

Rabbit the correct way so this is what this course is all about I’m extremely excited and I’m extremely excited to see what you guys think so whoever decides to purchase this course again as I said first a link in the description of this video check it out I think it’s the best

Complete course when it comes to learning rabbit I wanted to create something unique something that doesn’t exist at this point so I think I have done it and I guess you guys will tell me that in the future so this video was all about that and again please check

Out the website I’ve got more courses so if you’re maybe intermediate or advanced there is something for you as well if you get the course as standalone just one-time purchase or you can get a subscription to my website where you’ll get access to all of my courses so

Whichever option works best for you okay so that’s it for this quick announcement thank you for watching and I’ll be back with another Revit tutorial and a couple of days thank you for watching and have a nice day


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