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Autodesk Revit 2020 Installing Autodesk Content After Initial Installation

How to download and install extra Revit 2020 content if you installed the incorrect content originally, or need more content from Autodesk on a project in another country

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Had everyone I’d like to show you how to download Revit content for the Autodesk libraries often when people install the software they might install the American library but they want the South African library we’ll say the Australian library and somehow they want to download this

Off to the time or this has changed the procedure recently and it’s actually a lot easier now I’d also like to remind you during the time of the coronavirus that we would like to wash our hands and stay safe and keep our distance from each other not natural as human beings

But it’s what we have to go through to keep yourself safe and keep your company safe and now that micrographics also value your safety so to find this is it’s really quite easy I always start off my searches with the keyword auto disk and then Revit 2020 and then save

Content download starting your search with Autodesk gives you a bigger chance finding the Autodesk content and there we can see ordinary 2020 content it’s a nice little web page it gives you detailed instructions on where to install your content so let’s suppose I know I’ve got the South African content

Installed it suppose I need the Australian content then I would download that from there after that’s done that it’s a very very simple process while we busy with that I’d like to show you why a lot of you won’t initially see your libraries and that’s because I’m Windows Explorer you

Have to set your hidden items to show within your view tab in the file explorer if you don’t do that Revit will also not allow you to browse to it Revit is windows-based and it does not recognize that okay so I’ve paused that a little while

But here we see it’s downloaded we can show that within the folder and then we can paste that into C Drive in my case D Drive program data Autodesk romeo victor tango RVT 2020 and this is the root folder into which replaced that extraction file after that we double-click

The extraction will automatically place the content into the libraries and this is a lot easier than what it used to be this is an improvement that order discuss my to Rivet 2020 2020 in many ways is far superior to earlier versions of Revit I’ve grown to enjoy

Revit 2020 remarkably and I think most people will start using it now that we are almost about to adopt 2021 year within the office and of course most people stay behind one year simply because it’s prudent to do so this is now extracted to the C Drive as opposed to the D Drive

Is the Australian content alright so if you are using a D Drive just note that it’s going to extract into C Drive but you can of course say that when you extract the zip file I just forgot to do so and there is our Australian content the

Same will be true for templates and the like that’s a really simple process very easy very important to remember to share hidden files within the folder browser the file browser of windows so that you can see that within your editing interface and remember to set the path

Correctly if you are using a d-pad and are going to extract this content then you can see out using C Drive that you could also have look at D Drive and then it gives me the option to replace and I send out to all and now we will find

That our Australian templates are here as well focus enjoy using Revit 2020 I’ve been enjoying twenty20 for about a year now and I’m a great fan great software lots of advantages to using 2020 our earlier versions that especially with the content down there it makes it a lot easier

Until next time enjoy Revit


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