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AutoCAD Print Setup ( sheets, scale, export to PDF ) Tutorial

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Learn how to do a Print setup in AutoCAD, this vide includes seting up sheets, scale and exporting to PDF.
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Hello this is the Balkan architect and in this video I will show you how to prepare sheets in Revit how to set them up and how to put your drawings in the correct scale and at the end I will show you how to export everything into PDF so

You can take it to the printer first thing you need to do is you need to create a new layout now we’re in the model and here we have layouts you have model and we have two layouts we’re just going to create a new one you just did

By clicking on this here in your layout button you can rename it by right-clicking on it and just finding rename and call it let’s just call it in you I’m going to click on it and here we have our layout now we don’t really know

Which size of a sheet this is and here we have a window inside of our drawing which we don’t really need at this point so I’m just going to select it and delete it now we’re going to set up the size of this sheet I’m going to go up in

This Start menu find print page setup and here we have our page setup manager and here we have our new layout so I’m just going to go to modify and first under name here we have to just set up DWG to PDF this is best if you want to

Export it as PDF later now as paper size I’m going to use in a tree and portrait because I want these two floor plans to be one on top of each other so I’m just going to find ISO full bleed a tree which is over here and if

You select the first one it will be landscape and if you select the second one it will be portrait you can manage that later over here but I prefer to do it over this and of course check your portrait as well now we have to customize the scale here we have some

Fraction that we don’t really need for now on I’m just going to write it 1 millimeters equals one unit that is wrong at the moment this drawing is in centimeters and one millimeter is point one centimeters or ten millimeters is one unit or one centimeter so just

Make sure that your units match if it was in meters then I would have to write thousand millimeters okay now we’ve done the scale part now we need to set up the plot style you need to open up this menu if you choose none all the colors will

Be preserved and you will have basically a colored drawing but if you find the grayscale that will make sure that everything that’s darker color will be a darker gray and everything that’s lighter color like yellow for example will be lighter gray I prefer monochrome which basically means that everything is

Black and just check here display plot style so you can see in this layout view you’re correct plot style for quality I’m going to leave it at normal I found that this works best you don’t need to make it better and here we have just some options if you have any

Transparencies for example some hatch that’s transparent you would want to check this but I don’t so I’m just going to leave it checked off and that’s everything so I’m just going to click OK and close this up so here we have a portrait a tree now we need to create a

Window inside of our model for both floor plans so I’m just going to go V ports which is the command for viewports and because we’re doing 2d drawings I’m just going to leave it here 2d if you did 3d you need to track 3d and visual styles unlimited wireframe does matter

When you’re in 2d it doesn’t really matter at all so I’m just going to go OK and now we can create a window so I’m just going to create one window on the upper half of this a tree now we have our two floor plans but we have a problem we want this

Floor plan to be above and the other one to be below so what do we do now we’re just going to select this one and copy it going to use the copy command and just place it underneath okay now that we have our two viewports on top of each other we need

To set up the scale first we’ll double click inside of this you see now we’re in paper but if we double click inside we’ll be in model space so now we can move around or zoom in or zoom out if we zoom it won’t really be a correct

Precise scale so in order to set it up correctly you need to go here in this drop menu open it up and find your scale I’m just going to use 1 to 100 and now this is in perfect scale I like the position of this on paper so I’m just

Going to lock it in place with this here and I’m going to do the same thing for this lower one so I’m just going to double click place it over here open the drop menu setup scale double-click outside or click on this model to step

Out up at first of course let’s lock it in place and just hit model to escape and here we have some grid lines left over from this one and in this one we have some grid lines left over for that one in order to fix that we’ll just move

This a little bit like that and this over here now something that I don’t like is these two rectangular rectangles I don’t want to leave these rectangles over here so I’m just going to select both of them and now they’re on just a random layer I’m going to put it on deaf

Points layer deaf points basically means it doesn’t show up in printing if you don’t have already deaf points layer you just created just name it deaf points and it will automatically not print so I have everything pretty much set up everything is in correct scale I’m just going to track

See if the line text thicknesses are right so just check over here to show/hide line wait and when it’s turned on you can see these lines are heavier than these for example same thing here okay that looks right and if you don’t have this icon over here just open up

This menu find it and just track this line wait once we’ve done that it’s pretty much ready to export this PDF so I’m just going to go to start menu export PDF go to desktop and let’s call it house PDF save and now we’ve exported it now you can see it’s colored this

Lower floor plan is colored and this is just a problem with AutoCAD it’s sometimes messes up but this will not be colored when we export so when I open house you can see we have two floor plans on top of each other and those ugly rectangles we don’t see them so

That’s pretty much it how you can create your sheets set up their size set up the correct scale and export to PDF thank you for watching please subscribe for daily videos like this video comment share and have a nice day


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