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AutoCAD 2016 DWG to PDF

Tutorial on how to convert DWG to PDF on autoCAD 2016.
Tune in for more tutorials very soon !

Revenge today we are here to know how to convert a whole save an AutoCAD file from into PDF oh yeah it’s a very common way but some people still face a lot of problems in this so I’m just going to show you how to do it it is my drawing

It’s a box cutter going which is currently in DWG side how do I save this okay now you can see the save as but instead of doing this is to go as dxf and DWG so this is the wrong place to go normally people go there didn’t find PDF

And they basically don’t know how to do it so here’s a something called export which is perfect for PDF so you can just click on this and you will see a dialog box coming in front of you yeah just out of box I’m going to save it on desktop

So that I can open it in some new point of view you can see this export but now there are three options the best the display means if we just take the display this full display of AutoCAD and convert it to PDF but if you want perfection then go for window window

Select your window say I’m selecting only this part of it okay now you can see there are more options here okay and if you want to resize it in the window you can click on this so now you can see box Curtis PDF is already my file name I’m just going to

Save it so it has been saved now we can go and check here it is you can see here video so thank you are you bringing more water get two videos and other software which is related to civil engineering see you next time


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