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Advantages of using REVIT for architects and civil engineers


Hello and welcome to the cad tutorial series guys uh by now you are aware that we have already launched this revit architecture software course so in the revit demo session i had shown you like how you will be able to create this type of plan this type of isometric views and

This type of realistic images in revit so by the help of revit you’ll be able to generate this type of realistic views as well along with this plans plan uh that can be presented in a proper manner so in autocad you have already seen i’ll show you the autocad

Plan version as well in autocad you have drawn the plants like this right these were the floor plans in autocad but in revit as i have already shown you you can plan or you can do the drawing of the plan like this you can show the isometric view and you

Can show this type of realistic images so one thing can come to your mind like being a you know being a civil engineer what is the requirement to create this type of 3d realistic images right you must have a question in mind but guys revit is such a software

That reduces or eases the effort that we put forward in autocad while doing a planning in autocad because over here you have seen how the autocad plan is drawn let us go to the autocad version take the line so i have to select this line option

Then i have to draw the lines right Pertaining now guys if i have to draw plan in revit the process will be different because in autocad i have already shown you we have you have got this draw toolbox and modify toolbox but in revit there is an advantage you have got the walls you have got the

Door you have got windows roofs each and every components will be there so let us see i will be just selecting a wall option right i can change the thickness of the wall like 200 mm thickness of the wall is selected for now so i can use that and simply i can draw

The wall let us say five thousand four thousand this side so like this i can create a rectangle right and the most interesting thing over here you can see the 3d view as well so you draw the plan over here let us take a rectangular shape rectangle

So you draw the plan over here the 3d also gets visible over here so that is the advantage of revit over autocad right in autocad you cannot do like this suppose i can complete the plan the entire plan that can be completed this is just a

Random plan that i am taking so you can similarly see the 3d view as well right so from this 3d view we can change it to elevation levels as well the elevation views these are the elevations so the doors and windows that are not placed over here that is the reason we

Can only see the walls so i’ll simply close this out so the basic difference you have understood in autocad you have to draw lines right but in revit you you have got the wall components you have got the doors and windows so let us again compare with

Autocad in autocad how we have placed But in revit you can see over here we have this door options we have the windows option so if i select this door option will get n number of doors present over here you can load from the family there are other different types simply you can select this door and you

Can place over here you can place on this like this so over here also you can see the door has been placed right i’ll just change the height of the walls so let me change the height of the walls how can i do that i’ll select the walls and i’ll

Change it up to level two so the concept of labels that had already been taught and i’ve already shown you in the courses so this is just a demo version like advantages of revit over autocad so i’m not going in details so from here i can place the doors

For each and every rooms i can change the swing path so as the doors are getting placed over here you can see at this position as well right so these are one of the advantages you can simply select the window as well from the load family option right you

Can select different types of windows this is there for the doors as well for each and every objects you will be finding this type of you know loaded components right so these are the windows as you can see over here different types of windows right so these are the types let us select

This one so i’ll simply place the cursor over here and the window will be placed over here so you can see at this position the window is placed right so like this we can place the windows at the required position so for now i’m just selecting uh like similar type of the window

So you can see over here right the 3d view now suppose i want to see the elevation view so again i’ll go to this east side this is the east side view elevation the north side south side and the west side so different side elevations that can also

Be seen and we do not have to create these elevations right so we have automatically got this elevation which was not possible in autocad so in autocad how we used to create elevator The elevations are being automatically created right we have uh you know the levels we had done the plans we have got the elevations automatically so that is one of the major advantage of using uh you know or rate it over autocad right few more advantages also again Do But in revit we do not have to draw the section right we just have to take the section plane this is the section plane you can simply place a section like this and the sectional view will be generated this is the sectional view that is created so

Unlike in autocad where we had to do the drafting or we have to do the drawing by the step by step process with the help of draw toolbox here we can create a sectional view with the help of just a plane so you can simply place this plane over here and we’ll be

Getting the section from this sectional view right this is the sectional view you can create a z section as well with the help of splitting this segment you can split this segment like this so you can get a different view right so this is another advantage like in autocad we had seen

So unlike in autocad where you have to draw these plans alone like you had to do each and every process step by step first of all you did the planning then you had to do the elevations uh then you had to go with the sections but in revit you had already seen how

We can easily create the planning as well as the 3d modeling and the section and elevation as well right then from this component option we have the furnitures as well where in from this load family we can you know select different types of furnitures that are already uh present in this

Furniture let’s say furniture system or the furniture from here we have different types of furnitures let me go to this furniture staff we have beds seating storage tables each and every options will be there which i have already discussed in details in the like course curriculum that is already there right

From the structural tab will be able to place columns so these are the columns from here we have the steel columns as well as from the load family option you know we can place the rcc columns as well so i’ll have to go to the structural columns concrete

Let us select this rectangular column Position so i’ll have to place the column let us i’ll place the column over here right i can see the column at this position let us sell place over here as well right okay so you can see the column over here you can change the position

Or the height and height of the column so i’ll make this uh level two the top level will be level 2 and this one the offset only there so 0 so this is the column you can see over here i have placed it so like this we can place the beams and

We can place the structural rebar components as well which i’ll prepare a separate course for this revit structural part so you can place the reinforcement the 3d reinforcement can be shown as well as you can calculate the automatic estimation as well right so that i’ll create a separate course

So like this uh as you are doing the planning the architectural part over here we mostly discuss about the architectural part so we had seen the planning elevation section ah each and everything i had shown you now let us say how to create multiple floats right so suppose i’ll i’ll have to

Create different levels so these are the levels that i created let us create levels so we have created the levels right now i’ll simply select this i’ll have to select the plan okay then copy paste align to selected levels i’ll just one by one select this levels because

I want the plan of the level one placed at two three four and five so like this we can you know create multiple elevations it’s getting loaded multiple elevations right if i delete this right so this is the 3d view over here for each and every uh levels you can

You know check the floor plan you can do some modifications on the floor plan as well so i hope uh like you have understood some basic advantages of revit over this autocad software right so guys you will be able to create this type of rendered images these are called the realistic view

So this could be prepared with the help of revit software right this type of examples which i have already shown you right this type of 3d models that can also be generated right floor plans you can represent the floor plans like this so it will give a better presentation

You can give a better presentation to your client right so these are few students work some of the students they have done these type of models so you will be able to create this type of 3d models in red you will be able to create this type of isometric view

If you want to show it to your client you can show it like this so this is another project done by a student so this is the 3d model this is the 3d view you can see the plan over here these are the this is the complete plan with the working drawing

As you can see over here each and every rooms are marked with different colors you can see the square feet like area in square feet you can see the schedules over here so you can get this type of advantages in revit you can create this type of schedules automatically

Which you cannot create in autocad right so you can present this in a better manner So guys i hope you are able to understand uh like what is the advantage of revit over autocad and what is the purpose of you know uh purpose of revit architecture uh for the civil engineering career if you want to do some planning or the entire architectural part we can use the

Revit software and for the revit structure you can use it with the structural detailing process so guys we have already launched this course you can check the demo video of this revit architecture software and the syllabus we have already discussed the syllabus as well what will be the course content you can

Check from the demo video and we have this offer price till 19th of september for a single year if you want to take the subscription for one year you’ll be getting it at a discounted price of 1000 rupees and if you want to take this for lifetime if you want all the updates

Till lifetime will be have to take this at a price of 1500 rupees right so this is the offer which is valid till 19th of september we’ll be finding the registration link that is already given over there right so if you think that like uh revit can help you in your career you

Want to do some you know planning and 3d modeling that is required in your career then you can go with this revit architecture software courses right so please check the demonstration right if you think that it can help you in some way to join our courses will have a great learning together

Thank you very much guys


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