Building Information Modeling

A possible paraphrased version of the title could be: “The Data Dictionary for buildingSMART”.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that facilitates collaboration and communication through shared information. While a shared 3D model is useful for visualising and resolving complex design issues, the information behind the geometry is equally important. However, different disciplines often use different terms to describe the same thing, which can lead to confusion. This is where BIM guidelines and object naming conventions come into play. They help ensure that objects and their properties are named in a specific and consistent manner, enabling quick and reliable searches, filters and analysis of project information.

To make the standardisation of object naming even more effective, buildingSMART has developed the Data Dictionary, which is an online tool to map synonyms and multiple language translations. It serves as a sort of GoogleTranslate for BIM, translating object names and properties across different languages and disciplines. The buildingSMART Data Dictionary is a relatively new development, but its community of users is growing fast.

The data dictionary is a great example of how buildingSMART is making standards usable and breaking down communication barriers, thereby facilitating smoother collaboration and ultimately making the work of BIM professionals easier.

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