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REVIT: Placing a door in a curtain wall

In this tutorial we will se how to place a door in a curtain wall by replacing a curtain panel.

Hi this time I’ll show you how to place the door in a curtain wall if I go to door and try to put it in this curtain wall you’ll see that I can do it if I want to place a door in a curtain wall I will have to replace this curtain panel

For a curtain wall door to do so I have to load it I’ll insert it here in the insert low family and in this door folder you’ll see that there are many doors but there are three that are for cutting wounds curtain wall double glass curtain wall single glass curtain wall storefront

Double I’ll choose the first one okay and I’ll do it in 3d and go to the 3d view SD so I can see it in color and I will choose this panel for the replacements well of course first of all I will take this ma Liam and I will delete it

First up in it and delete because I don’t want to stumble and then I’ll pick tacky the panel I have to unpin it so now I can replace it with all this but I’m interested in this one AM curtain wall double glass you’ll see also that in the family tree

In the door section it is M curtain wall SS so that’s it then we have our door in a curtain wall let’s try to change this one and load another one this one with mullions okay you’ll see that in their family tree now there is a new family loaded

And I’ll do the same thing here I’ll take their Molly untreated I’ll pick my panel and now I’ll replace it with my new door and there we go so that’s it that’s it’s very simple you just have to load a new family and then replace the panels okay thanks for watching


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