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Importing AutoCAD Drawing to ArcGIS as a Shapefile (very Easy Method)

This tutorial is about to Import CAD Drawing to GIS for further processing. Hope you find it best for learning. If you like then Subscribe this Best Solution Line Channel:

Nariko welcome to best solution line in this tutorial you will learn about it – how to import r2k trying to GIS is a shape and ok to export a to create file – or GIS you know so this is already is in Matera

And now you can see it – you can go to auto kit ok and from a little kid we will export this triangle this is the restrict michelle map and the boundary so we will export this map to J’s okay so go to samples save it okay file save

Is you save it for example and drive fo by a name we shall shall cute sure cheerful okay so this is in care so okay see so this is saving drive F ok now go to close it and go to J’s ok so go to

User and now you can add dead file so this is later there just now you can see there to the third rail fo is the this is Drive F okay so now you check the Dare file which is a Michelle care trying okay so this is the fact okay so after

This fat and now you can see there it is the fish our district Madhuri which is a export from auto care to GS okay now you can export or these polygons you can see here there there are many others files but now we are interested only in

Polygons okay so click here and click on this fish our care to put it on and right click here and then go to data and then go to export that ok so by exporting go you with create is featured layer okay so our features will be

Exported okay so now you can save in the other place to go to for example which is a f3 also go to f3 and now this is f3 and the ShareFile is a picture or shape but okay so we shall shape Michelle NGS okay so this is an oblation

So soon okay now click pokey yes exported an iPad idea so now you can see here did this is the Michele map and this is the s 0 which is hell-oh attribute table okay now you can check this this is a converter to shape right okay so remove the other videos by clicking

Here there too so now you can change the color and other properties of this one so this is green color go to it okay and exporting the boundary is baked cooking so the boundary will be lake and Delta G and different thickness okay so this is

The exporting go from article to J’s are important to our to get fat – yes hope you will learn this er tutorial and this is very is a method okay so far more tutorial and for this tutorial you must go subscribe I have this channel which

Is a best solution not okay thank you


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