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If Text is Too Big For Dimension in AutoCAD

Oh so many years ago when I was working as a piping designer in the Engineering Department of a cryogenics company in New Jersey we would find that occasionally the text in the dimension would be too big for the dimension. I’m sure that you have come across this very same problem with your drawings. In fact now that I think about it this problem probably occurs in Engineering Departments and Architectural firms just about everywhere. So what does the average CAD Operator do?

An easy solution would be to explode the dimension and adjust the text but that can cause problems by the dimension no longer being associative to the object you’re trying to dimension. So the question remains how do I fix my text to fit between my extension lines and keep my dimension associative?

I came across this while working at that cryogenics company. The answer is simple, it’s a quick six step process that will make your dimensions look more reasonable and maintain its associative properties.

Steps to follow:

1) Verify Dimension style(using properties command) Example: Fractional
2) Verify Text style (using properties command) Example: romans
3) At the command line type style.
4) Make a new text style. Example: romans2
5) Type in new width for romans2. Example:.9
6) Place dimension that doesn’t fit on new text style (romans2).

Of course you may have to adjust the text width a couple of times to suit your needs and check with your supervisor because Engineering departments vary with their CAD standards but I’m certain that this little AutoCAD tip will help make your drawings look clean and appear to be more professional.

I hope that you have found this AutoCAD tip to be helpful. This is the first in a series of articles to be written in the coming months. Topics to range from AutoCAD tips and tricks to interviewing tips. So if you’ve found this informative and thought it to be helpful keep your eye out for new articles by us.

Source by Joe Slazas

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