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History and the Cathars (Courtly Love):

This is an entry from my three volume encyclopedia.

CRUSADES, CATHARS AND ‘COURTLY LOVE’: – One of the greatest legacies of the revitalization of the teachings of ‘brotherhood’ in the 13th century of the Troubadors was sexual and gender respect. The Cathar ‘dove’ and Peace were not destined to last, but the education of people could not be squelched. It can be argued that the world was a better place then: the Americas were still part of the ‘Brotherhood’ although the Mediterranean warlike cultures of misogynistic deviate men had a strong foothold. Many people there were willing to see a different course of action based more on nurturing female aspects of our psyche. The Templars surely fought to protect the Cathars and they shortly thereafter had to reconfigure as the Knights of Christ in Portugal. Around that time one of the ‘waves of Asians’ came out of the steppes and brought the Pax Tartaris. These waves are becoming as exposed as the ‘Sea Peoples/Hyksos’ theory and some limited Trojan War. Temujin or Genghis Khan was not as barbarian as the Europeans and Tarim’s recent pictures of ‘red-heads’ near the Great Wall in 1800 BC were in his Altaic region over a millennium before that. The history of the cultural evolution of man was benefited by the announcement of the modern man who is not our genetic blood and is much older (2x or more, If not a great deal more to tie in with the Flores Island seafarers of 800,000+ years where the Hobbit is now found.). Indeed the archaeological and genetic forensic as well as forensic tools, including linguistics blow the roof off the old ‘his’-story!

But the Cathars failed to re-institute the ‘Brotherhood’ and living love that Jesus actually taught. Temujin came a lot closer to making an ethical and safe place in the largest Empire of the ‘his’-torians. His progeny threw bodies infected with the Plague over the walls of Christian held trading centers on the Black Sea and the scourge became an important part of the oppression the Catholic Crusades were Inquisiting upon all people of Europe. The Treaty of Tordesillas later brought it to America to wipe out over 70 million within a hundred years: who is the barbarian? The noted authors and scientists of the Catholics like William of Rubruck detailed the quarantining methods and marmot origins of this ‘Black Death’ even before that. The truth is the Catholic leaders knew how this would assist in their feudal control and the ‘sins and demons’ ignorance which ultimately realized the ‘Dark Ages’ goal of reducing the knowledge of the masses to the point of complete slaves to their foul motives. The 70 million who had lived in North America before De Soto and Columbus (with his unusual fighting dogs) had kids who died during that hundred years too: so the total who died from biological warfare in the North American continent easily exceeds the 80 million who died in Europe. At this juncture the Flagellants were blaming the Jews for causing the ‘Plague’. That is true to some extent because the Jews built a religion that the Romans took over and the Saxons and many Roman equestrian farmers (De Medicis) are Jews..


* 3,500 BC – Unification of Egypt and establishment of an exclusive Amazon trading area by aristocratic elite and priest/warriors with an army of soldiers given various grades of weapons in metal to protect and defend their assets or trading empires.

– The ‘Brotherhood’ is co-opted from within but the people are promised great things and matrilineal royalty becomes the norm.

– Similar ‘elites’ do the same in China, and maybe even an overlord reporting to the Egyptian based enterprise of Memphis or Crete.

– A plethora of secrets exist in trade routes, maps, use of explosives for effects of a spiritual nature, ‘Lost Chord’ and technologies of building. The ‘Murrhine’ vases allow salt water to be potable but toxic build up leads to deaths of valuable sailors who begin to catch on and become pirates (Berbers and Basques).

– Pyramids designed and later constructed to explain the magnificence of many things to the people. Myths of all sorts of divination abound
*2,000 BC – Families in places like Iberia of the Caspian Region which had a capital by the same name (now Tiflis) made alliances with – other regions of the world against the international ideals. This lead to factional fighting with Kelts (Amazons) fighting those who were more intermarried with Uighurs. The Silk Route was a haven for bandits and mixed breed non-aristocrats like the Phoenician Society of Pirates. The breakdown in egalitarian models and corporate ability to enforce trading monopolies was only partially due to weapon technology diffusion. It was more connected to the use of social engineering in the Temples that included prostitution (which the aristocrats later wanted for themselves (concubinage).

– Fractionalization of the former ‘Brotherhood’ was well along by the Hyksos intermarriage campaign. The House of Mallia in Crete was a prime mover in the aristocratic enterprise that may have its legacy in the Smyrna/Onassis and Sybaritic unproductive ideas of materialism. Where were the Mungo Man students and did such a human really have no genetic offspring who are alive today?
*1,800 BC – Sardinia was a major base for guarding the wealth and elite who trained their children and priests in a manner that was most secret. The Nuraghi secret is still well kept to this day. It is more than irony and humor that the poisonous plant that led to the use of the words or phrase ‘Sardonic humor’.

– Scotland and the ‘Emerald Isles’ was a major haven for these elites and the more egalitarian among them who came there after the climatic and glacial effects were complete.

– Hierarchies of special interests allowed kings and nobles to ‘front’ for them and there were growing numbers of difficulties developing through what we call the ancient world or our ‘his’- story. That history was being managed and the Hyksos (means foreigners) kind of history and ethnic or national interests were accentuated with a Hegelian dialectic of setting one side against the other. Secret ‘mystery schools’ were organized and structured with different terms of focus like the Therapeutae or Pythagorean Brotherhood. The pre-existing groups like Sarmoung and Great White Brotherhood retained a smaller number of those who knew more of what was going on. Tuthmosis is said to have been the organizer of these plans for the esoteric knowledge. Wars began in earnest and were culminated in the Trojan War which lasted more than ten years even though Troy may have been a central location for the negotiations for that period of time.
*1,200 BC – The end of the Trojan War which coincides with the archaeologic record of the destruction of the cities of Miletus and Jericho. It was not just in Troy but in 18 other theatres of operations including Arkansas.

– A four hundred year ‘Dark Ages’ developed as the trade once shared was curtailed and controlled by smaller groups of people with Greed as their primary motivation. Solomon and Hiram of Tyre are the best known of these.

*800 BC – The founding of Carthage and Etruria showed a group of people felt they could expand the trade and still control it and the people wouldn’t get out of control. Others were averse to this and conflicts in the elite led to a greater sense of futility among those who were becoming more indolent and the technologies and creative entrepreneurial were diminishing, among them but not among the Pirates and spin off organizations.

*540 BC – A thirty year period of re-adjustment ended with Rome being founded and Sardinia was no longer a clearing house for the collected enterprises of the Phoenicians or other elites which had varying agendas. The total destruction of Sybaris and the Battle of Alalia are significant to this period.

There are many reasons to continue this history but you will make your own judgement based on the facts as the book progresses. The big question about the Mungo Man has not been addressed by any authors partly because it is new archaeologic information. However, in the spirit of ‘mysterious possibility-thinking’ we should make a stab at what is the outcome of these modern humans who were so developed long before us.

There is a wealth of information in legends like the Vedic literature and The Chronicles of Akakor among many others that refer to a type of human who is different from us. They had blue white skin and different coloured eyes like Krishna and Noah. Did they teach the poor and ignorant ‘Homo Sapiens’? Were they the original developers of many fantastic technologies that leave us unexplainable evidence like the vitrified rocks? Who was Lhasa that Churchward ‘records’? Maybe all the spiritual mystics like Jesus and the Cathars were somehow related to the remnants of these people or those they taught and the ‘Dark Ages’ was an attempt by our leaders to eliminate these vestigial truths. A Cornell mathematician by the name of Richard Thompson has authored and co-authored excellent scholarship that would support these ‘possibilities’. We are sure that legends are proving to have more truth than myth in the archaeology that consistently disproves ‘his’-story. It would seem likely that even if couldn’t interbreed and produce offspring (At some point there is a good chance they developed genetic means to incorporate with us and leave no traces, just as we are able to clone and do similar things today.) we think they enjoyed sex with us.

This may explain the grottos where Sibylls and Oracles were known to hang out. It may explain the deep underground city in South America. The Vedic literature says they spent a lot of time in these places we know in all legends as the underworld. Can you think of what they might have done? Could they really have developed flying craft and the ability to work the kind of magic we can today? They had more time to do it! The Lupercal in Rome and the devotions to the grotto in all kinds of places may have been a different kind of sacrifice. There are some practices among the ‘mystery schools’ and even the ‘Skull & Bones’ Society of today that suggest they need certain ingredients of the human body and head. Maybe when de Vere (who wrote the foreword to Gardner’s recent Bible Narrative about Anunnaki or the Elohim, as well as his own book) isn’t kidding when he says we are ‘food for their table’.

Weird! Isn’t a good enough word for it! Crazed on power and deviate beyond imagination are just words that ridicule and achieve no feeling for the horror and obscenity of these practices. We have covered some of these matters in other places but we haven’t dared to really go into great detail. The UFO material or other things that aren’t just a cover for the ‘black ops’ and secret military operations, as they would have us believe, might have some roots in this ‘possibility’ too. What use would they have for our soul? It is so scary that Hubbard (Scientology’s) and his Body Thetans or Napoleon’s vision in the Pyramid might make sense along with Saunière’s words on his Rennes castle (‘This Place is Terrible’). And yes there were large caverns and grottos that held some awesome things there, if this is true. The whole matter of secrecy and propaganda or politicians and their lies, would begin to make sense.

If Hindu and eastern philosophy (the largest number of humans) has these legends and beliefs, no wonder the Catholics wanted to control the knowledge and call it heretical. The witches were their consorts and had to be killed. It makes sense in a totally disgusting way. No! I’m sure all the Crusades were actually what they said they were. Forget you even read this ridiculous ‘stuff’. John Adams and his ‘Dragons’ or the Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians have more to tell us, and how did they ever infiltrate the Christian church? When you go down this road there is truly a “Terrible” conclusion. No wonder love is hard to find and life was worth sacrificing for all so many good souls in the Forum or trying to brave the oceans to get away from what our leaders were doing. Forget it ALL! But remember we have the future of our children to think about, even if we aren’t concerned about what really is the ‘greatest good’ for our ‘brothers’ and other life forms. Did I sense these ‘visions’ when I lived in Seth Adams’ old home near Boston? Who knows? I don’t. It was once an insane asylum and that is not irony either.

This kind of thinking also makes sense of the Nazis and other reprobates of history. Their interest in Rennes was more than prurient, perhaps even more than pecuniary, as some suggest. I’ve often told myself it can’t be this bad and yet I wonder. Why?! Why do we continue to do the things we do to each other and this awesome and beautiful earth? How could the Pyramids hold so much knowledge? Is it time to ask some questions and end the ‘black ops’ or secret agencies? JFK thought so, and we know what happened to both he and Khrushchev after they agreed to end the Cold War. I suppose it is true that history repeats itself and I know there aren’t enough good questions on the table, or even enough people who are capable of ‘thinking’.

Source by Robert Baird

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