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FreeCAD News – WIP Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023

The previous week was relatively quiet for FreeCAD developers, with only 32 merged pull requests mostly addressing small translation issues and minor bug fixes. However, one fixed bug prevented Windows builds from starting if the splash screen was disabled, bringing satisfaction to Windows users. The Raytracing workbench was also finally removed from the repository, being superseded by the Render addon and having been unmaintained for years. In the upcoming week, @wandererfan is investigating placement anomalies with Link sources, and working with @benj5378 on replacing BaseGeom. Meanwhile, @chennes is streamlining the translation update process and fixing bugs identified by translators. In terms of pull requests, in the week from Tuesday, April 25 to Tuesday, May 2, 32 pull requests were merged, with a total codebase change of +1,003 / -31,619 lines. This data does not include translation changes but encompasses the removal of Raytracing. It means an average merged PR size of +31 / -1019, although the removal of an entire 30k-line workbench may skew the data for the upcoming weeks.

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