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“FreeCAD News: WIP Wednesday – May 17th, 2023”

FreeCAD, a popular open-source 3D modeling and design software, is currently in a “feature freeze” period in preparation for the upcoming 0.21 release. During this time, developers are focused on identifying and addressing any bugs before the release. Pull requests that do not address bugs will be held until after the release is complete. Users running development versions of FreeCAD are encouraged to help test and report bugs by searching the GitHub Issues and writing them up. In the week from May 9th to May 16th, there were 37 pull requests merged with a total codebase change of +5,794/-1,785 lines (excluding translation changes), an average merged PR size of +157/-48. Additionally, 24 Issues were closed, and 20 new Issues were opened during this time.

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