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FreeCAD News: WIP Wednesday, April 5th, 2023

Last week, several exciting developments occurred within FreeCAD. TechDraw was ported to Qt6 by @wwmayer, signaling that end-users may soon be able to test Qt6 builds of FreeCAD. Additionally, @xtemp09 implemented a radial gradient background, pleasing some users. @PaddleStroke has been enhancing several preference pages to make them more user-friendly.

This week, @wandererfan is taking on the FPA month-end accounting, and working on dimension reference TNP phase2. @PaddleStroke continues to refine preference pages, and may explore an improved user interface for placing and scaling images, following the Image workbench being integrated into the core of FreeCAD. @Pesc0 and @jnxd are refactoring and writing tests for various pieces of Toponaming code.

In terms of pull requests, from Tuesday the 28th of March to Tuesday the 4th of April, 37 pull requests were merged. The total codebase change amounted to +5,281/-3,589 lines (excluding translation changes). The average merged pull request size was +143/-97.

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