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FreeCAD News: WIP Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Last week, FreeCAD developers focused on refactoring and developer-oriented work, activating pre-commit hooks to unify their code formatting styles and introducing new CI workflow running on Windows 11. This week, benj5378 reported that they are continuing to refactor, with the aim of reducing the TechDraw module to a single line of code. PaddleStroke is working on the UI of the image plane taskbox, yorikvanhavre is working on tracking down memory leaks, and chennes is still working on the Toponaming code and developing unit tests for the StringHasher class. As for pull requests, from Tuesday, April 4th to Tuesday, April 11th, there were 39 merged pull requests, with a total codebase change of +5,153/-4,610 lines (excluding translation changes), resulting in an average merged PR size of +132/-118.

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