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“Enhancing the Cutting Floor: Integration of Structural Walls for Jetski Lifting Mechanism”

Living on the ocean has its perks, including easy access to water toys such as Stand Up Paddleboards, kayaks, and Jet Skis. The Ocean Builders engineering team is currently working on an innovative solution to make Jet Ski use easier and more stylish, similar to James Bond.

Towing a Jet Ski to the ocean can be a burden, but when living on a SeaPod, this will no longer be a problem. The team is still working on the project and has finished cutting the floor and adding a new wall section to support a Jet Ski lift that will come up from the engineering room area. Although adjustments are still needed, it will be fascinating to see it operating.

The team plans to test the completed project and showcase how it works once the SeaPod is finished. The project will allow for a more comfortable and fun Jet Skiing experience from the SeaPod itself. More information can be found on the Ocean Builders blog.

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