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Complete REVIT 2022 Download, Installation and Activation | Autodesk REVIT 2022 license for students

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Dear civil engineers in this lecture i am just going to show that how will download auto x3 with 2022 student version okay so let’s start uh first of all we have to open a browser here i have just opened a browser and i’ll search here autodesk dot com okay a youtube

Then enter so after that we will just come to that website their autodesk website now first of all before downloading we have to do something okay we have to signing with our verified student account okay so after uh creating your student account you have to verify your account

Otherwise you are not able to download that software so if you have verified student account then your welcome will start from here otherwise go to description a link given in description that how will create account and how will active that so after that i’ll simply click a sign in and here i’ll just

I’ll sign in with my user id and password okay so i have just sign in now go product from here i’ll just go educational access and here get product okay so when we are here we can see that there are many software that are available for a student version okay

Now what we’ll do actually i’ll just click here get started okay uh as already have signing so i’ll click get started and i have a verified student account so to create that student account go to description and that related video link given in description so here i’ll click get started

Again i have to sign in again i’ll sign in okay so i’ll just click here now see your educational access dot rex product is valid through september 20 2022 okay so i have almost uh one years like that so when i’m here okay now i have to go here rebit so i’ll use

That option get product and from here i’ll select my version so here developer version 2022 2021 2010 2019 so you can download any of that version and all the version downloading installing and activation process are totally same so i’ll use 2022 i’ll simply click here download okay now they have some issue

There have some issue they see here rebit 2022 z1 okay so you can see that here it’s showing zero zero one zero zero five what is the meaning of that actually you have total five file you have total five file and here only one file are downloading

Clear only one file are downloading now what i’ll do actually i’ll simply click here for download for that one and if you just come here see pop up where block this space and you can see that for two three four five the both have blocked by our

Browser for security okay so i’ll simply click here allow auto x clear i’ll click here allow order x pop up and redirects from here and i’ll click or you can click here manage i’ll click done okay so when it’s okay now again i’ll click here download again i’ll click here download otherwise uh

I’ll click it just see here one two three four five total five windows have opened okay now you can see so this is our one okay so this is one i will escape that one already exist so here uh zero zero five okay zero five zero five i’ll also download that on then

Zero four also i’ll download that and then uh here zero four okay so i’ll just take that here one zero one zero five zero four that four part are downloading okay that fourth four part are downloading here so what i’ll do actually again i’ll click here download because i have to

Download five parts so here part two then i’ll click download and if your all part are downloading then it’s okay then i’ll click download and here five okay so here part five i’ll skip that one so here two four five and one so i have to download another part that is

Here uh part one i’ll escape that one also so i have to download part three so part three are also edit i need one two four five so i need another part name three again i’ll click here for download just see this is one skip and this is five uh skip wall escape

So i’ll click on part three download okay and i’ll skip that number two finally all of the part of our software are being downloaded so here one on a five two of five three of five four of five and five or five okay so what that part are being

Downloading and when will when a download will complete then i’ll show that how we do an expert okay so uh after completing we will go for installing so uh you can see that here all of my five part of that software one five two five three five four five and five

Five all of that part have been downloaded okay so you can use any types of downloading software uh i’m using free download manager so uh after completing uh my download i’ll just close that and i’ll go here my download folder so here and you can see here all of my folder is available

Now what will actually create a new folder okay so i will take all of that software in on folder i’ll just give its name rebit 20 22. it’s okay you can give any name here actually any random name now simply by pressing ctrl i’ll select all of that

Part here one this is the and type should be application okay so one and here two to a five and three or five and here four or five and here another five or five so we have selected all of for that five part now i can simply cut it i’ll

Click cart then i’ll go here and i’ll paste it here okay so escape okay so how will understand that how much file you have to download for on software just see here simply uh one of zero five that means you have to download total five file if you see here

One of two files then you have to download two file actually okay so as we have five and we have uh download all of the five files now the question is i got or you uh there are many one who asked me that so which one will used to

Install our software okay so uh simply uh you can click any of it no problem when your all of that part is in one folder then you can click any of the part so i’ll simply double click here and here are the things uh also you asked me that sir where will actually

Save it so here uh c drive and the folder the autotext folder so i will use that uh c drive if you have no use space in c drive then you can use another drive no problem you can simply by clicking here you can change

You can change it so by clicking here at where you want to uh extract that software then you can do okay so i’ll just sorry again i’ll double click here so i’ll simply click here okay uh in okay because i will not change because i have used space in my c drive

Then i’ll simply click here okay and it will take some time to extract or that file okay so order x uh self extract will estart within short time and after uh completing our extraction will go for our final installation so you can see here our uh

I mean our file are extracting and if i go here in our local dictionary see here a folder auto decks have created and here all of that file will extract here okay and after completing your extraction we can come here to install or automatically you

Will it will show us a pop-up so ah till extracting we have to wait so it’s almost done okay so uh as it’s done now wait for some time and it will show us another pop-up windows just see preparing for installation okay so after completing our uh extraction it’s automatically preparing for

Installation and after that we’ll get another new pop-up windows and if you see that this windows is not available for you then we’ll actually just um go to our c drive okay and here go to local dix and here water x and from here go to revit and just see they have option

Setup okay simply double click here and start your installation so i’ll just close that and allow it for it okay and uh there are many actually all software installation process are totally same so nothing to worry about that and our request to that go to our playlist that given in

Description and you can download and you can install all of the software like that okay wait for some time yes i want to install that software so it’s preparing for installation so i’ll click here yes i accept and from here you can select your language they have many language actually so i’ll

Select english okay then i’ll go next and here there are two option product and content okay so um both are same i mean not no need to do anything here just simply click here install and it will start installing so installing revit 2020 2022 okay so we have to wait for some time

And it will uh automatically complete its initialization and after that we will go for its final insta uh activation okay and uh actually different software have different system for installing but uh i mean different interface but installing process are totally same for wall software of water x so i’ll

Wait for some time and when uh just see it’s starting installing one person have completed it will complete 100 of its installation and after that when it’s okay and again i will show you that how will active that software so as to with us and if you new to our channel then

Please subscribe to our channel and also press the bell icon so that you get every update ever pressed and also if you need autorex tutorial that being also given in description or go to our channels channel playlist and you will get autodesk rebit tutorials okay

And uh if you think that you need to support us then you can join as a member in our channel and that will be very very helpful for you already eight to one percent have completed okay and 100 will complete then we’ll go for our activation process

So dear viewers um it’s telling us to restart our pc okay because our autodesk installation have completed clear and here also you get a notification from here and i’ll just you see our software installation have completed so now well actually i’ll restart our software to form finalize our installation okay so after restarting

I’ll just come back and i’ll show also you have to register here and after that we’ll active our software so after completing our restarting now i’ll click here revit 2022 i’ll click here to start i’ll double click here to restart our software and wait for some time please okay so it’s

Uh starting auto x3 uh debate 2022 and when it will complete now you can see here that something let’s get started okay interest serial number use network license or sign in with your order x id so we have no serial number we have no option for

Network license what will do we will use sign in with autodesk your auto x id okay so we lose that option and suddenly if you see that they have no option for it then world actually simply click here okay autodesk desktop app okay use that option and ah by using

That option here email clear um or plus and here also you can click here sign in and after that we have to input here our email and after that by pressing next we’ll input our password clear so i’ll just close it and also i’ll close it because that

Option is available here so i’ll click here and see the same interface are coming here actually like previous okay so world actually here i’ll provide my gmail actually who is gmail provide here autorex verified student account okay that gmail and password i have to provide here

Okay so after that simply click on next it will verify and we have to provide our password here same password um in our tracks website okay i’ll provide here my password so here is the password i have provided then i’ll click sign in and wait for some time

It will verify and must remember your internet connection should be available okay now see here our software without any problem without any thing we have just download we have installed and we have activate our software okay so in this way you are able to complete your that installation process and if you

Think that was helpful for you then please leave a comment is it okay for you or not if is it okay then great otherwise uh let me i mean let me take that how we can uh solve your problem actually and if you think that that was helpful for it then

Don’t forget to leave a comment and also like our video and i’ll request you okay so hello there it’s okay i’ll just close it and uh if you think that you should support us then you can go for it and you can support us by joining

In our channel as a member so thank you thank you very much still stay connected till next video


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