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Autodesk Revit Tutorial: Revit To PDF

In this Autodesk Revit Tutorial, I will walk you through revit to pdf process. Follow this revit pdf tutorial, learn how to convert revit file to pdf from the revit model views and sheets. It is important to know how to create a pdf format drawing because it is universally accepted for submission of construction documents or design presentations.

All right welcome back here in this Revit architecture tutorial what we’re going to look at is we’re going to look at PDF it’s one of the most common things once you finish your architectural project here in Revit you want to get it outputted so that you can

Present it and so that you can send it off to a client or professor whatever you need to do so let’s look at that here I’m going to very soon bring you the production of this entire project but right now what I want to do is just

Just a printing rev it to PDF so let’s come up here to the top to the R or file and I’m going to click on that and we’ll come down here to print if I click on my print here you’ll see here by default you’ll see whatever locally loaded

Printers I might have available here my print menu and I’m going to click my drop down you’ll see the Adobe PDF I have that driver loaded for my PDF you may have cutepdf writer I know is a very common PDF free pdf print driver available online and there’s many others

I will tell you from experience that some of the free print drivers depending on the graphics settings of the views on your sheet sometimes those views may not appear so as I’ve gotten accustomed to telling my students make sure that you preview your PDFs that after prints before you call yourself just submitting

It whether it be online or waiting until the last second to print it because it may not show up so we’re going to use the Adobe since I do have that one on my machine if you’re working on a computer that already has some of the Adobe

Creative Suite on it this PDF driver should show for you as well now I want to get into the menu here there’s a couple things first I can print just my a the current view which is going to be the sheet you see behind us I can print

This based on the visible portion of that view so if I’m zoomed in it’s actually going to zoom in on this current window behind me or we’ll use select we use for us since I already have a 1 through 10 presentation sheets set up in this model we’re going to use

That so I’m going to select views and then let’s hit select once now I just want to break down this menu just a little bit for you it’s the view sheet set menu if you see if I scroll down here what I’m seeing on the list is

Every 3d view every elevation floor pan and on and on because right now I have both the sheets and the view selected if I uncheck the views Revit goes through filters my project and just searches out the ten sheets that we have in here and vice versa if you were looking for just

A 3d view in your project that you wanted to create a PDF of you could filter out the sheets but we’re going to check just the sheets one through ten and I could uncheck some of these if I didn’t want some of them to show up but

I want to make sure that I check all over them so you can check them each manually or over here you can use your check all or check none and I’m going to use that and then I want to click OK and yes I could save these settings if I

Needed to I’m not going to save these settings right now I’m just going through this for your benefit I want to come back up to this file section here now that we’ve designated the particular sheets that we wanted to print this portion of the menu I tend to click

Combine the sheets into a single file I just want one PDF that I’m going to label presentation PDF and it’s going to have ten sheets to it if you want to PDF each sheet individually well you would use separate files there so I’m going to just use this and I’m

Going to go ahead and give us give ourselves I’m going to put this out on my desktop and we’re just going to name this test too smarter architect PDF and if I hit save here now that’s going to change the file path right here so this is very

Important to make sure you browse out you can see I’m saving currently to my desktop wherever you want to save to and then let’s take a look at what we have let’s hit OK it’s letting me know Revit is doing some roster printing to create this PDF and then you’ll see it’s

Actually going to bring up that file path one more time for the file save as I just hit save here and if you watch up top you’ll see this menu let me drag it down here in the middle you’ll see that it’s graphics going through the pages

And it’s using that PDF that Adobe PDF driver and it’s sending all ten of my sheet and actually over here on the project browser you would even see them bold as Revit is going through so it will open the PDF when it’s complete and you’ll see I have a 10 sheet PDF here

And if I just go through this PDF now you’ll see the elevation views you’ll see my axons you’ll see my sectional perspectives and my site plans and axon view and my schedules in the path for my walkthrough and the other information that was incorporated into this project

So PDFs are pretty simple process and I hope this video will be helpful for you as you move forward in creating PDFs


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