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AutoCAD Training Exercises for Beginners – 1

AutoCAD Training Exercises for Beginners – 1. This video contains AutoCAD drawing tutorials based on what we learn in the previous lectures. Topics covered in the video are: Creating first AutoCAD drawing. Solving the AutoCAD basic exercises. This tutorial shows how to create drawing in AutoCAD for beginners.

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In this video we are going to perform some exercises based on what we learn in the previous tutorial so we are going to create this object so the length of this object is total 30 20 25 75 so at first we have to set the limit so first

Command will be giving is limit so we will directly type first three characters Li M then press ENTER then for specified load lip corner we have to use zero comma zero then press ENTER then for upper right corner as a with required a length of 75 so we will be

Taking more than that so we will take it hundred hundred comma and then enter then we have to go for zoom all command to apply the limits to the screen then we will start with line command line will specify the first point on the lower left corner then we need a

Straight line so we will make doorto or so on ortho mode on you can do it by a fit on keyboard just click it so once or three is on your line will be straight so give the direction where you want to you and give the limbs so I want 75

Length then this is horizontal line has been created of 75 length so I want to go vertical so the vertical length is again 20 25 35 65 so we will go vertical and here length of 65 then we have to go on the left side so take the cursor on

The left side and the length is 25 and 30 so horizontal length is 25 ENTER press ENTER then go again downward the vertical length is 30 again enter then again horizontal is 2015 so again go horizontal give the length of 20 enter then go downward give the length of 15

Vertical length of 15 then press Enter then this length will be up to this point so you can see that the length is 30 you can also track this point you can you have to take your cursor to that endpoint and come up come up and just

Click so it will automatically take that length and you can click on the close so it will close the sketch and it will stop the line command so in this way this first exercise has been created then for star you can sell this exercise by clicking on this Save button so we

Will save it as a x1 then just click on save and we will suppose keep it as it is we can start new from here also you just click on this take a CAD as template click open so Neutron you started so the next drawing is this star object

So again we can work out the limit suppose we will take this as a 30 20 again 30 20 30 you will take it is as though thirty twenty thirty that means on the 30 30 30 90 plus 40 is 130 and we have to take more than that

So we’ll take surface 150 150 so we’ll add first we’ll set the limits limits in lower left corner is zero comma zero enter then upper right corner is 150 comma 150 enter then boom on you can use the zoom wall command by keyboard also just press Z then enter then a then

Enter so you need not to go to this position also so we want to create this top so this will start from this point so 20 20 and again here this length is 30 and we will have to work out the angle so take first line command click

On the line you can also go for L enter this your first point so you have to detail point in such a way that you will get the space for trying the compute objects Y we will take it here then I want the lines straight so I will make

The earth on then Direction is downward so length is 20 again I want to go on the right side so again length is 20 I want to draw inclined line so I will make the ortho of series like inclined line in between if you if your objects go out

You can pan by pressing pressing down the scroll and dragging the mouse upward so in this way you can pan it or you can also pan from here by clicking this button and pressing down the first mouse button and dragging the mouse to come out just right click and exit so you

Will come out so in this case I will like to give the length we know length is 30 so I will give 30 now to give the angle we have to press the tab button on the keyboard just I will press the tab so I will have to give this angle from

X-axis downward angle this one so this angle I will see in this exercise so he need from this horizontal line this angle so this vertical angle I know I know this angle is 30 from vertical line that means this angle is 90 so remaining

Is 60 so I will give that angle of 60 this is this has been created again here on this direction again length is 34 angle I have to press the tab again this angle I have to work out so angle between these two line is 60 that means

Again from vertical this will be 30 so this angle will come out to be 60 so this angle will be 60 because this is 60 if we draw a vertical line that means vertical and this inclined line is 30 so it will be remaining will be 60 degree

So we will just give a 60 then again we need a straight line so we can from keyboard we can press the f8 button I can give the length of 20 give the direction and the length again I need the inclined line again a fit button

Give the length then tab now this angle this angle we have seen this is 30 so we will give the third angle again on this side length is 30 then tab again I need this complete angle so we know that this angle is 60 that means from horizontal line

This angle is 30 that means the remaining is 150 total is 180 therefore remaining on this side is 150 so we’ll give 150 again or throw on for straight line give the length again also give the length tab again from this vertical line we have to go 30 ahead by 30 degree that

Means total angle is 120 degree again length of 30 tab again 120 degree then our phone vaginal or so again length of circuit tab now here again I need this angle to be 30 on this side from this horizontal line to this inclined line so

It will be remaining will be 150 so I will give 150 and I will I can also close by clicking see button on the keyboard so in this way the second exercise is completed so this is e x2 suppose I can start the new then next exercise is this triangle and

Three circles are there so it’s us we will create a triangle again limit this length is 60 plus 15 plus 10 70 80 85 so more than that we will take it 120 you can take any any value it should be more than the required value so it says we

Will create this triangle of 60 length it is a equilateral triangle so this angle will be 60 and this angle will be 60 but in AutoCAD it will ask you for this angle so once it is 60 that means it will be 120 because total angle is

180 list let’s say fedsys limits 0 comma 0 1 20 comma 1 2008 enter a enter then line source point or thorn effect then length of 60 then inclining or saw again length of 60 then angle tab so this angle is 60 that means the remaining

Angle will be 120 then just click on see for closing the line so this triangle is created then we have to draw the circles so circle is 10 10 and 15 radius so for that you will take the circle command circle radius give the center point and

Use the radius of 10 you can enter to repeat the command last comma you can press just enter you need not to go again to this toolbar again specify a center point give the radius or you can click from here also click do the radius of 10 now how to draw the internal

Circle so we can make a construction as we are in very initial stage we will just make a construction you will draw one line from this endpoint to the this midpoint and this endpoint to this midpoint just take line end of this and take it to the midpoint of this line

Then just press ENTER to stop the line command again you can press ENTER to repeat the line command first point to the midpoint press ENTER to come out then take the circle command now the center will be the intersection of these two lines click on the intersection now

This circle is touching this horizontal line so we will just click on though we do not know the exact radius so just we will click on the midpoint so in this way the circle is created we don’t need these two lines so we’ll use those lines

Using it is gamma rays select both the lines and just press ENTER on the keyboard so this object is created then again next object so the makes object is this one again limit is 90 plus 20 110 plus 30 140 so we will take 200 comma

200 we will just again take the limit 0 comma 0 200 comma 200 and zoom all Z enter a enter then in this we will need a line of 90 lengths and on that end of those two lines we will create the circle of 20 30 10 20 red first we will

Take the line command give the first point make it or so on give the length of 90 enter again you have to press ENTER to come out then circle Center Point then radius of 20 again circle center point and radius of 30 again circle give Center Point radius obtain

Again circle radius enter point give radius of 20 so in this way this object has been created one line and four circles now we need this line to be tangent to this circle so to create a tangent we will take the line command if we take here it is showing me the

Quadrant so if you create a line from the quadrant it will not be a correct correct if you zoom here with mouse by scrolling scroll towards monitor so it will be going inside so we don’t want that so we will just erase this line by saying II

Enter and select the object enter so we have to create a tangent line so to create a tangent line now he is showing quadrant we need a tangent to select that tangent we have to press shift on the keyboard and right click on the mouse right click second button and

Select tangent from here now we want line to be tangent to the circle so click a on at any point on the circle so tangent line will be created now I want this tangent line on this circle also again shift right click say tangent and click on the circle to come out press

ENTER again to repeat the line press ENTER again shift slightly tangent click on the circle again shift right click tangent click on the circle and enter if you don’t need this line you can irritate using various command so in this way this exercise is also created

So thanks for thanks for joining so we have created the required exercises thank you


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