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22 Revit Exercise 6 Adding Text General Notes

22 Revit Exercise 6 Adding Text General Notes

It’s not included in the exercise but you can also add some general notes so I have here a drafting page with some general notes and you can create a page like this by going to the View tab and click on drafting view if you do that will create a drafting view so normally

This is please place a drafting sheet for details or view for details or maybe general notes if you copy text from a PDF file it will maybe come in like this and you need to do some formatting it might you can also do this formatting in

A word second place the Pete PDF text or notes in your Windows Word application and then make the necessary arrangement like a bullet list otherwise if you do this you can simply create text TX is the shortcut and then paste the text and then edit it after so if I’m editing it

You can simply do the same editing here or in word okay so example here oops you didn’t enter key there so you’re simply doing and text editing now you can add a bullet list okay a dot or a numbered bullet like so and then here

Just finish up so we’ll just say up here dimensions okay and let’s say here I’m not going to follow that just to show you an example let’s say for this particular line here you want it indented they can do that okay oops I need to hit enter first

Me bring this back so that’s number two and then you have an indentation okay and you can always do that as needed okay so you can use forward indent or bring it back so let’s just say here I want to further in than this so I can do

That and that is controlled by your tab distance so I if I go back here so I’m using 4 mm and I edit this tight notice that the current tab size is to 0.7 if I change this to let’s say 30 and hit apply okay the indentation will go much more

So I’ll just bring that back to 12.7 so you can always change that as needed so that it will look really nice hey you’re not too far from the bullet list numbers or too close that’s like okay so you can always click add your general notes and

Normally you place it you can you can place this anywhere you can place it in your floor plan or if you want a whole sheet or with simply the notes


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